Our People

At Keystone Ecological we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the industry and expertise in flora and fauna.

Elizabeth Ashby

Liz is the Principal Consultant and a founding member of Keystone Ecological. Liz is an accredited assessor under the Biodiversity Offset Scheme and was also accredited under the previous Biodiversity Banking and Offsets Scheme (Biobanking). 

She has extensive experience in ecological research and assessment and is ably supported by a hand-picked team of professionals that include permanent and contract staff assembled in project teams according to the expertise that the work dictates. She has worked as a pivotal member of many ecological research teams at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, State Forests of NSW and the Royal Botanic Gardens, resulting in acknowledged expertise in the fields of forest conservation, vegetation survey and mapping, GIS and analytic modelling. In recent years, she has applied this knowledge to ecological impact assessment for the development industry. Liz is a long-term member of the NSW Ecological Consultants Association (ECA).


Ashleigh McTackett

Ashleigh is an Ecologist who has grown with us since 2014. Ashleigh has participated in a number of research projects across Australia, including Green and Golden Bell Frog research in Newcastle and effects of Cane Toad reproduction on the Yellow-spotted Monitor in Western Australia. She successfully participated in the previous BioBanking training and has continued to build her professional career using previous skills gained from being a fully qualified  Draftsperson to our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team. Ashleigh is currently pursuing accredidation under the latest Biodiversity Offset Scheme and continues to engage in professional development and research opportunities as a Council member of the NSW ECA. 

Joe Carlin

Joe is the Business Manager and one of the founding members of Keystone Ecological. Joe has extensive experience in people management, negotiation and advocacy, having occupied numerous senior management positions in the NSW public sector and a senior position in a large public sector union. As part of his endeavours, Joe ran a successful industrial relations consultancy with Elizabeth Ashby and consequently developed business management skills. Joe is primarily responsible for all administration matters, financial control and systems development. He also provides logistical support and regularly assists our ecologists in the field Joe continues to enhance his knowledge of the environment and continues to develop the technical systems used within Keystone Ecological that enhance our efficiency and effectiveness.

Keystone Ecological maintains professional relationships with a number of businesses, industry and scientific experts. This network of expertise allows us to provide an integrated approach to forming and managing diverse project teams that cater to a client’s specific professional needs. For a list of businesses and experts we regularly work with, Click here.