Our Services

At Keystone Ecological we provide the highest calibre survey, assessment and ecological advice for our clients that include individuals, large and small businesses, community groups, government agencies and other ecologists.

We provide a broad array of services for all types of development projects at all stages, including:

  • Preliminary assessments (constraints and opportunities). This is most useful prior to purchasing land or prior to finalising a development layout. These assessments provide information on the environmental constraints of the site and suitable development locations.
  • Impact assessments. These assessments are required by Council or other determining authorities such as the Department of Planning. They may be in the form of:
    • Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment
    • Threatened Species Assessment (Section 5A Assessment of Significance)
    • Species Impact Statement
    • Environmental Assessment
  • Management Plans. These documents provide advice on managing bushland on the development property, including actions (such as the installation of nest boxes) required by council as part of consent conditions. Management Plans are usually provided as:
    • Vegetation Management Plan
    • Bushland Management Plan
    • Rehabilitation Plan
    • Weed Management Plan
    • Monitoring reports / compliance reports
  • BioBanking. This is a market-based approach to environmental assessments. It provides a different type of biodiversity assessment process for development within NSW and provides opportunities for financial gain for land holders who want to manage their land for conservation. For a more detailed explanation of BioBanking, click here.
  • Analysis of Microbat calls and Audio recordings. Keystone Ecological can provide fast and accurate analysis of Microbat calls, using the latest up to date Anabat Software and an extensive call library. Our team can also provide a summary of fauna species captured in audible audio recordings using spectrogram analysis.
  • Expert evidence for the Land and Environment Court.


Our staff possess the ability and commitment to provide advice throughout the planning process, particularly when dealing with complex environmental scenarios. Our team delivers balanced and practical advice based on experience and sound ethics, enabling Keystone Ecological to facilitate communication between clients and determining authorities.